There’s nothing more disheartening than walking out of your home, only to discover your precious lawn laden with weeds. All that time, money, and effort you spent in landscaping your lawn is now lost— everything has been destroyed.

Don’t lose hope just yet. We’re here to tell you that there’s actually a way to rid your lawn of those unsightly weeds— in an eco-friendly manner!

Sounds good? Let’s dive in!

Start Pulling

In need of some exercise? Start pulling your weeds away!

Granted that this isn’t as easy or effective as using herbicides, and it requires a lot of work— but, hey! At least nothing beats a day’s hard work, right? Plus, herbicides are super harmful to the environment and human and animal health. They can cause genetic damages, diverse physiological alterations, and can even kill wildlife! So, get on your hands and knees, grab a simple weeding tool, and start pulling. Honestly, even though it sounds pretty bad, it’s not— and you’ll learn to appreciate your lawn even more.

Pour Boiling Water

This may just sound too good to be true, but don’t discard it until you’ve tried it.

While you’re cooking some pasta or making some tea, you may find yourself with a leftover pot of boiling water. Pour this boiling hot water over those menacing weeds. This method will be able to kill off even the toughest of weeds, and your garden will be weed-free in just a couple of days!

A poppy flower on a lawn

Salt It Out

Pouring salt over your weeds is an affordable and easy way to get rid of them. Rock salt that’s used to melt snow can efficiently and effectively kill the weeds in your garden. Alternatively, you can also use table salt or water softener salt as well. Salt dehydrates weeds and is most effective when mixed with water since it makes it easier for the weeds to absorb.

However, using salt to kill your weeds can lead to some damage. It can make an area go barren if applied too much and can lead to issues with pavers, cement, and stepping stones. If used regularly, salt can cause these stones to break apart, costing you a lot more than time and effort.

Take Care of Your Lawn

The most effective and eco-friendly way to control weeds is to maintain your lawn regularly. Mowing your lawn frequently is a great way to prevent weeds from occurring, especially since seed heads develop pretty fast. Maintaining the borders of your lawn will ensure that the plants by the edge aren’t spreading seeds into the lawn itself, making it an effective means for weed control.

If you don’t have the time to mow and weed your lawn yourself, we suggest hiring the experts. At Cut and Trim, we’ve got affordable lawn care and mowing services in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland, MI, since the beginning of the 21st century. From landscaping services and grass cutting services to lawn maintenance, you can count on our professionals to provide you with the best lawn care in all of MI!

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