15 Oct 2021
Lush green garden

Types of Grasses, And 4 Reasons Why It Matters

Do you feel enthusiastic about going outside to make your lawn the greenest, lushest on the block every time you see a well-kept lawn on TV? The truth is, the type of grass in your lawn can make a big difference in making the lush-lawn dream a reality. This is mainly because all turfgrasses aren’t alike. They can be warm-season grasses like zoysia, Bermuda, and buffalo grass or cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and perennial ryegrass. Each type of grass has its own set of challenges. However, identifying the type of grass on your lawn is crucial for several reasons.

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12 Oct 2021
close up green grass

Dethatching Lawns: What, How, and When

A lawn comprises the soil, the layer of thatch between the soil and the grass blades, and the top level. Enjoying the beauty of a green lawn requires having good soil with even moisture, a maintained pH level, sufficient nutrients, and good aeration because that’s where the grassroots reside. While the term ‘organic’ is typically thought of as a good thing, when it comes to thatch, organic can quickly turn into a problem that necessitates lawn detaching. Why? Read on to learn the what, when, and how of detaching lawns.

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