Paying a little bit of attention to your lawn goes a long way.

Not only does having a well-maintained lawn purify the air around and inside your house and beautifies the neighborhood, having trees and shade plants can even help cut down on energy bills. This is because planting trees around your home and windows can reduce the sun’s glare, especially during summer. This allows the interior and exterior of your home to remain cool, helping you save on cooling costs! However, some landscapes are less sunny than others— and require plants that grow in the shade.

If we’ve managed to convince you that buying plants is absolutely the best decision for your home, here are our recommendations for the finest shade plants for your lawn!


Hellebore comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from maroon and cream to pink and green. The flowers bloom from early winter until springtime and are ideal for those who love evergreen lawns and landscapes. As one of the rare plants that actually starts booming in the late winter, this plant provides a shaded slope where you can see the beautiful flowers from down below!

A hosta plant leaf


Known as the queen of the shade garden, Hosta is grown for its attractive foliage that comes in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes! This plant has a long life, is super durable, and ideal for those living in a cold environment where nothing much can grow.

With so much diversity, this plant can bloom from teacup sizes to truck tire sizes and performs best with rich, well-amended soil that’s watered on the regular. Hostas can grow under trees and combine well with other woodland shade plants like coral bells and ferns.

Bleeding Hearts

The plant itself is as intriguing as its name, trust us. Typically planted in the spring, this plant has a dangling flower that’ll capture any flower lover’s heart at first sight. Only a few shade flowers can rival the romance of the bleeding heart, with its white, pink, and red heart-shaped flowers dangling from their fern-like leaves.

Bleeding hearts have a short lifespan, and the foliage dies within a few months— but the months that it blooms, it’s really a sight to see. Requiring little to no maintenance and care, bleeding hearts should ideally be in an environment that’s not too windy, with soil that’s rich and well-drained.

Adding shade plants to your home will only pay off if you’re able to regularly maintain your lawn. If you don’t have the time to mow and weed your lawn yourself, we suggest hiring the experts. At Cut and Trim, we’ve got affordable lawn care and mowing services in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland, MI, since the beginning of the 21st century. From landscaping services and grass cutting services to lawn maintenance, you can count on our professionals to provide you with the best lawn care in all of MI!

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