If you wish for a thicker, lush green lawn, you’re not alone. Everyone in Michigan covets a luxurious lawn where they can walk on with bare feet while sipping their favorite tea. If you find yourself looking over at your neighbors’ backyards wondering why the glass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, you need to connect with lawn care experts at Cut & Trim. Meanwhile, here are some pro lawn care strategies to amplify the lawn’s health while making the grass greener on both sides of the fence.

 #1 Mow The Lawn Properly

While it might seem like mowing is a simple task, your mowing habits can hugely impact your lawn’s health. If you want thicker grass, you must mow correctly. Many people tend to make the grass too short when mowing, which puts unnecessary stress on the lawn. If you don’t want a lawn with weeds or one that looks yellow or dull green, book our exclusive lawn mowing service now!

#2 Fertilize Adequately

Many people think lawns are naturally loaded with nutrients needed to grow well. However, lawns leech nutrients over time, causing them to become deficient. The right nutrition can make your grass greener and thicker. While fertilization might seem like a complex process, our specialists will help you understand all the complex terminology.


Better yet, they’ll do the job for you in no time! A suitable fertilizer will contain various mixes of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to achieve your grass goals. Application of the right mix at the right time can help your grass get all the nutrients. But how to know what combination of nutrients you need to deliver and at what time of the year? A soil test.


#3 Lawn Soil Test

This is a crucial step for determining what nutrients the lawn lacks or what other treatments can improve the color and density of your lawn. For example, if the soil’s pH is off, then chances are the fertilizer isn’t working at all. Our experts can help you learn more about your soil and grass type while guiding you on strategies during your quest to achieve a lush green lawn.

#4 Overseeding and Aeration

Nutrients, sunlight, and water need to reach the roots for the lawn to be healthy. Over time, thatching, harsh weather, traffic, and other factors can cause the lawn to compact, leading to limited access to nutrients and water for the roots. Annual aeration can help break the soil while enabling the lawn to breathe. The process creates small holes which are perfect for overseeding in bare areas.

a well-maintained lush green garden

If you long for thicker, greener grass, we can help you devise a strategy with the right combination of fertilization, consistent advice on water and nutrients, regular aeration, proper mowing, and overseeding. Get in touch with lawn care experts at Cut & Trim for everything you need for optimal lawn care and maintenance.


We offer a wide range of lawn maintenance services, including lawn mowing, grass cutting, aerating, ground maintenance, overseeding, re-seeding, shrubbing and other landscaping services to help you get a lawn that your entire neighborhood will envy!


Our team of experienced professionals will show up without fail for your routine lawn’s maintenance to ensure your lawn in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, or Holland, Michigan, looks perfect all year round. Get in touch with us to get started.