Your lawn has three levels: the grass blades, the layer of thatch, and the soil. A healthy, green lawn is the result of good soil with a pH level of 6.5, sufficient nutrients, and good aeration. If any of these is disturbed, the effects are reflected in the grass blades.

What is Thatch Removal?

Thatch is the organic layer in the lawn that consists of grass stems, rhizomes, and stolons that are yet to break down and decompose. Dethatching is the act of removing this thatch with a rake.

Tools for removing grass thatch

When To Dethatch?

Half an inch of thatch works hand in hand with the soil requirements, much like a mulch that helps in the retention of moisture and moderates the soil’s temperatures. The microbes break down to release nutrients into the ground. However, when the organic matter accumulates faster than what can be broken down, it becomes problematic as it promotes pest infestation, gets diseased, and forms a barrier that deprives the roots of nutrients, water, and air.

Preventing Thatches

Avoiding practices that speed up the growth of grass (such as feeding it with nitrogen-filled fertilizer or watering it more than what’s required) can help counter a thatch problem, giving more time for organic matter to break down. Moreover, you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary pesticides that may kill worms as they help in the decomposition of thatch naturally.

How To Dethatch?

If prevention has failed, your solution is to dethatch: the mechanical removal of the thick thatch layer in your lawn. It can easily be done by pushing the rake tines several times through the grass. We recommend the use of a power ‘dethatching’ rake for optimal results. Dethatching works best for cool-season grasses during early fall or spring as they recover quicker from the stress of being thatched. On the other hand, warm-season grasses are best performed in late spring, allowing them to recuperate faster.

Many a time, dethatching is preferred over core aeration since the latter requires a mechanical device. However, dethatching is for milder cases, so if your grass doesn’t pick up on its health after the first round, you’re going to have to either buy or rent an aerator or call a professional lawn service to break down compact soil.

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